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Waiting for Kiarostami

2017, Hossein Khandan, USA/China/Iran, 86 min. With Homayoun Ershadi, Ana Bayat.

Show Times

  • Sun, Feb 25th 5:00pm

Chicago-based filmmaker Khandan mixes fiction, documentary, and self-referential narrative in a drama that serves as a tribute to Abbas Kiarostami, as well as a lament for a project that never came to be. While Khandan was living in China and helping with Asian casting for a film Kiarostami planned to make there, the beloved director died. This tale is the fictionalized story of the talent search for a young China-based actress fluent in Persian, Mandarin, and English that Kiarostami had sought. Khandan, playing himself, discovers the seemingly perfect candidate in medical student Dorsa (Dorsa Sinaki), but her old-fashioned father (Ershadi of TASTE OF CHERRY) won’t hear of it, sparking a family feud. In Persian, English, Mandarin, and Italian with English subtitles. DCP digital. (BS)

February 25: Director Hossein Khandan is scheduled to appear for audience discussion moderated by Nari Safavi, commentator and analyst at WBEZ's Worldview.

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