Opening Night film! Film Series : 17th Annual Chicago Palestine Film Festival


2017, Annemarie Jacir, Palestine/France/Germany, 96 min. With Mohammad Bakri, Saleh Bakri.

Show Times

  • Sat, Apr 21st 8:00pm

"A whip-smart, moving comedy of family and community…lively realism and down to earth social humor." - John Bleasdale, CineVue

"Built foursquare around the charm and skill of co-leads Mohammad and Saleh Bakri…accessible and genial glimpse into a complex and sometimes fraught area of the Middle East." - Neil Young, Variety

In this poignant comedy featuring a father and semi-estranged son verbally sparring with each other across the generation gap, director Jacir (SALT OF THIS SEA, WHEN I SAW YOU), Palestine's foremost female filmmaker, scores a winning combo with the casting of the real-life father and son Mohammad Bakri (LAILA'S BIRTHDAY) and Saleh Bakri (THE TIME THAT REMAINS). Prodigal son Shadi, a hip, worldly and wary architect living in Italy, returns home to Nazareth for his sister's wedding and is drawn into an obligatory ritual - accompanying his old-school dad Abu in a meandering journey around town to hand-deliver the invitations. The day in Abu's beat-up Volvo is punctuated by clumsy attempts at matchmaking, the unabashed probing of Shadi by nosy relatives, political spats, and, ultimately, a coming together over buried sorrows and deferred hopes. In Arabic with English subtitles. DCP digital. (BS)

Preceded by the short FIVE BOYS AND A WHEEL by Said Zagha (2016, Palestine/Jordan, 19 min.). In Arabic with English subtitles. Also preceded by a pre-recorded video broadcast from WAJIB director Annemarie Jacir.

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