Film Series : Brit Noir

Wanted For Murder

A Voice In The Night

1946, Lawrence Huntington, UK, 103 min. With Eric Portman, Dulcie Gray.

Show Times

  • Sat, Nov 19th 5:00pm
  • Mon, Nov 21st 6:00pm

"Chilling Hitchcockian thriller... Making excellent use of bustling daytime locations and fogbound London nights, the tightly wound story culminates with a thrilling race against time in Hyde Park." — Britmovie

Co-scripted by Emeric Pressburger (of Powell & Pressburger fame), this atmospheric, well-constructed thriller infuses postwar London with echoes of notorious Victorian crime cases such as Jack the Ripper and Dr. Thomas Neill Cream. The city is cowering under the threat of a serial killer known as "The Strangler" — quickly revealed to the viewer as Victor Colebrooke (Portman), an urbane businessman with a tainted ancestry that drives him to murder. Arrogant and audacious, Colebrooke coolly chats with suspicious Scotland Yard detectives and sends them taunting postcards announcing the time and place of his next murder. The film opens and closes with tour-de-force scenes that conceal murderous intent in the most public of places, the first at a carnival on Hampstead Heath, the second amid a crowd of pleasure-seekers in Hyde Park. DCP digital. (MR)

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