Film Series : Mario Bava: The Baroque Beauties of Italian Horror

The Whip and the Body

La frusta e il corpo

1963, Mario Bava, Italy, 87 min. With Daliah Lavi, Christopher Lee.

Show Times

  • Sat, Aug 12th 4:45pm
  • Mon, Aug 14th 6:00pm

"Only Buñuel’s ABISMOS DE PASIÓN outclasses it for visions of the horror of passion, and the passion of horror.” — Fernando F. Croce, CinePassion

Kinky eroticism gives a ripe new angle to a prodigal-son theme that evolves with masterful Bava ingenuity into a gothic ghost-story-with-riding crop. Kurt (Lee), a callous womanizing aristocrat, returns home to the family castle from which he had been banished years before over a fateful indiscretion. Resuming a mutually satisfying S&M relationship with his former fiancée Novenka (Lavi), he is soon the victim of another’s vengeance. Neither gone nor forgotten, Kurt fails to stay put in the family vault, and the crack of a whip is heard in the night, building tension to the max courtesy of Bava’s always artful manipulation of light and shadow. In English. DCP digital. (BS

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