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22nd Annual Chicago European Union Film Festival

Winter Flies

Všechno bude

2018, Olmo Omerzu, Czech Republic/Slovenia, 85 min.
Tomáš Mrvik, Jan František Uher, Eliška Křenková

Show Times

  • Sat, Mar 16th 8:00pm
  • Mon, Mar 18th 8:00pm

“Further cements the 33-year-old Slavic director’s status as a force to be reckoned with.”--Matt Fagerholm, RogerEbert.com

This Czech submission for Oscar consideration follows FAMILY FILM, director Omerzu’s edgily funny family-disaster film, with a bittersweet comic road movie about two boys who attempt to swagger into manhood only to reveal just how much of the child remains behind their laughably tough-talking facades. Fifteen-year-old skinhead Mára (Mrvik) and chubby twelve- year-old BB-gun toting Heduš (Uher) set out across the barren winter landscape in a stolen Audi, adding a rescued dog and pretty blonde hitchhiker Brána (Křenková of FAMILY FILM) to the entourage. Naïve schemes for sexual conquest of their savvy guest passenger remain smutty adolescent dreams, and the adventure comes to a halt in a rural police station, where dirty tricks will cut both ways. In Czech with English subtitles. DCP digital widescreen. Courtesy of Cercamon. (BS)

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