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22nd Annual Chicago European Union Film Festival

Word of God

Gud taler ud

2017, Henrik Ruben Genz, Denmark, 118 min.
Søren Malling, Marcus Sebastian Gert

Show Times

  • Sat, Mar 23rd 8:15pm
  • Tue, Mar 26th 6:00pm

"A wonderfully witty, essentially human work, WORD OF GOD inspires thought and is highly entertaining."-- Catherine Sedgwick, The Upcoming

The humor is dry, dark, and quirky in this absurdist family saga based on Jens Blendstrup's best- selling 2004 autobiography. The story is set in a Danish suburb where the roaring patriarch Uffe (aka "God") subjects his unflappable Swedish wife and three intimidated sons to eccentric rituals, arbitrary rules, and rigid opinions, which include having marital sex only on Tuesdays and Saturdays, disdaining religion and medicine, and cooking up a ghastly concoction called Army Soup. Refusing to face his own mortality, Uffe sets out to write a memoir called "Mein Kampf," but a revolution is brewing in the household. The powerhouse Danish actor Søren Malling (A HIJACKING, "The Killing") delivers a titanic, complex performance as Uffe, and director Genz, a former graphic designer, matches him with vivid images and punchy editing. In Danish with English subtitles. DCP digital. Courtesy of Dark Star Pictures. (MR)

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