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Zorns Lemma

1970, Hollis Frampton, USA, 60 min.

Show Times

  • Tue, Nov 12th 6:00pm

"A major poetic work."—Ernie Gehr

Privileging pattern over image, and mind over eye, the Structural Film movement arose in the late 1960s as an alternative to the subjective lyricism that had previously dominated American avant-garde cinema. Flanked by readings voiced over a black screen and a snowy white landscape, the silent central section of Frampton's participatory tour de force is a series of alphabetical sequences in which words—captured in ever-varying locations on signs, marquees, labels, etc. —are gradually replaced by recurring images that form a new, non-verbal "alphabet." 16mm.

Also on the program: SONGS 1-7 (1964, Stan Brakhage, USA, 25 min. These early entries in Brakhage's celebrated 25-film cycle, originally filmed in 8mm, are distilled poetic visions of subjects ranging from a dying moth to the city of San Francisco to three girls playing with a red ball. 16mm. (MR)