All programs are FREE and open to the public.

Encounter the next generation of film, video, sound and new media artists as SAIC students present their thesis projects in this festival of innovative live-action and animated shorts, feature-length narrative and nonfiction works, and experimental pieces.

All programs are FREE and open to the public. 

The festival would not be possible without the incredible work of festival programmer Amy Beste; Casey Puccini, our festival producer; Trevor Martin and the rest of the Department of Exhibitions staff; Jean de St. Aubin, Andy Berlin, and the entire staff at the Gene Siskel Film Center; our graduate assistant Oona Taper; the FVNMA technical staff; Frédéric Moffet, chair of FVNMA, and all the faculty members who worked diligently with the students over the past many years; and, above all, to all the participating artists for their hard work and inspiring vision.

Participating Artists:
Esteban Alarcón, Nolan Barry, L.A. Chappe, Hongjin Chen, Sky Chen, Angela Christodoulou, Jeanette Driftmier, MeiLin Rose Eakin, Daniel Fromberg, Isabel Gompper, Lam Hoang, Elisa J, Ji-Hoon Jang, Sinhyung Kim, Gigi Lai, Kay Liu, Jason ​​Luo, tiago mena abrantes, Zoë Morgan, Will Murnighan, Adrienne Norsworthy, Teagan C. F. Prichard, Jingwen Ren, Elisabeth Yoon Ju Seonwoo aka Kerberus, Hatem Shakkouf, Jensen Teng, David Wang, Getong Wang, Parinda Mai, Sherman White, Seung eon Yi, Yue Yang.

We require proof of full vaccination for all screenings and events at the Film Center. See our full COVID-19 policy and details below. 


Festival Schedule
city scape from above
New Shapes
Various directors
70 min

Thursday, May 12 at 6:00pm + Q&A

This stunning collection of shorts travels overgrown forests, growing cities, and time itself to forge new mythologies and speculative histories through hand-drawn and computer animation, finely observed photography, and adventurous sound design.

Jeanette Driftmier, Roach, 5:05
Yue Yang, Zhang's Garden, 8:32
tiago mena abrantes, sunset museum (work in progress), 03:10
Parinda Mai, Blinded by Centuries (work in progress), 13.57
Nolan Barry, The Orange Velvet Dream House, 17:36
Zoë Morgan, First Venture, 19:06

animated girl looking into distance
Time Stamps
Various directors
73 min

Thursday, May 12 at 8:00 pm + Q&A

Time moves in unexpected ways in this program, guided by hazy sonic and visual textures, expressive dancing, a daughter’s impressionistic memories of her mother, and the mysterious movements of a woman revisiting her past as a way to forestall her present.

Seung eon Yi, 푸른, (A Place in Blue), 8:40
Sinhyung Kim, Piper On A Straight Line, 35:30
Will Murnighan, Requia, 20:44
Elisabeth Yoon Ju Seonwoo a.k.a. Kerberus, Palácio de Mente, 6:28

red animated boy in spotlight
New Noir
Various directors
67 min

Friday, May 13 at 6:00pm + Q&A

Even sunshine casts a shadow in this unsettling collection of shorts, featuring stories of retribution, pandemic madness, and campfire frights rendered through stylistic animation and cinematography.

Lam Son Hoang, Memories, 10:32
Hongjin Chen, Five Point Seven, 13:34
Isabel Gompper, Recognition, 4:10
Ji-Hoon Jang, My Bird Died, 8:16      
Kay Liu, theater #111, 4:28
Sky Chen, 遗 yí, 6:26
Steve Jones, Scout Trails, 3:50
Teagan C. F. Prichard, Take Me Home For Dinner, 12:00

close up of man's face with pink and purple lighting
New Relations
Various directors
76 min

Friday, May 13 at 8:00pm + Q&A

Themes of isolation, public and internal struggles, and media’s effects wend their way through through these evocative abstract and narrative works.

Elisa J, Schadenfreude, 16:05
Sherman White, For The Gram, 11:50
Jason Luo, Persona,  25:46
Daniel Fromberg, Is It Supposed To Sound Like This?, 7:44
Jensen Teng, Mr. Metal Man, 13:36

six black and white images of woman taking pictures
Young Adults
Gigi Lai
95 min

Saturday, May 14 at 4:00pm + Q&A

An intimate look into the lives of seven young women entering adulthood, who talk about leaving their hometown, facing new responsibilities and making choices while bringing up their regrets, worries and hopes.

Gigi Lai, Young Adults, 94:19

image of a park full of greenery and fountains and pathways
First Time
Various directors
62 min

Saturday, May 14 at 6:00pm + Q&A

This collection of coming of age tales captures the disappointment, heartbreak, and turmoil of early adulthood through animation, vintage television, and sensitively shot narratives.

Adrienne Norsworthy, Elijah Tavis At The Bar, 3:10
Hatem Shakkouf, Khalas, 3:21
Jingwen, Goldfish, 2:40
MeiLin Rose Eakin, CALYPSO, 37:00
Getong Wang, Time Rubbing, 5:38
Angela Christodoulou, Relics, 3:42
David Wang, First Time, 3:06

window pane with lady bug crawling on the outside
Transmissions from a Distant Planet
Various directors
63 min

Saturday, May 14 at 8:00pm + Q&A

Transmissions from a Distant Planet is a diaristic account from the start of the pandemic in the spring of 2020 and beyond, to reflect on the changes the year brought to both the character and rhythms of daily life. Preceded by Against the Day, a road trip across America set to local radio that captures the twinned impacts of late capitalism and climate change.

Esteban Alarcón, Against The Day, 12:22
l.a. chappe, Transmissions from a Distant Planet, 50:00