fbpx An Evening with Rachel Rossin | Gene Siskel Film Center
Rachel Rossin in person! Film Series : Conversations at the Edge Fall 2019

An Evening with Rachel Rossin

2015-19, Rachel Rossin, USA, ca. 60 min.

Show Times

  • Thu, Oct 24th 6:00pm

Over the last four years, multidisciplinary artist Rachel Rossin has gained recognition for a series of astonishing exhibitions that blend oil painting, sculpture, and virtual reality. Rossin’s practice investigates the fluid boundary between physical and digital worlds, particularly the ways information and sensory experience are transfigured by each. In the 2015 virtual reality artwork I CAME AND WENT AS GHOST HAND, photogrammetry models of the artist’s studio and domestic spaces dissolve in response to the user’s gaze to create an elastic, unstable environment. In the critically acclaimed THE SKY IS A GAP (2017-19), time and space are enmeshed as the user’s body slows down, speeds up, or reverses a cataclysmic explosion. Rossin presents a selection of works in video and virtual reality and discusses them within the wider context of her practice. Multiple formats. (Amy Beste)

Rachel Rossin is scheduled to appear for audience discussion.