fbpx Avant-Noir | Gene Siskel Film Center
Curator Greg de Cuir and artist Edgar Arceneaux in person! Film Series : Conversations at the Edge - Spring 2020


2017-19, Multiple directors, Multiple nations, ca. 90 min.

Show Times

  • Thu, Feb 20th 6:00pm

Conceived by Belgrade-based curator Greg de Cuir Jr. as an “intervention into the status quo,” Avant-Noir brings together contemporary films and videos by international artists of African descent to showcase visual representations of Black cultures in their many complexities. Part of a much larger project of iterative screenings and exhibitions, this special edition spotlights works from the last two years. Baloji’s stunning ZOMBIES (2019) is both an Afrofuturist music video and satire of digital consumer culture. Ayo Akingbade’s poetic A IS FOR ARTIST (2018) charts the artist's growing political consciousness. Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich’s A QUALITY OF LIGHT (2019) is an Afrosurrealist portrait of the artist’s composer grandmother. Edgar Arceneaux’s UNTIL, UNTIL, UNTIL… (2017–18) probes the history of African American representation on stage and screen through the bifocal lens of Broadway actor Ben Vereen and vaudeville star Bert Williams, America’s first mainstream Black entertainer. Multiple formats. (Greg de Cuir)

Program curator Greg de Cuir and artist Edgar Arceneaux are scheduled to appear for a post-screening conversation.