fbpx Beatrice Gibson: Two Sisters | Gene Siskel Film Center
POSTPONED Film Series : Conversations at the Edge - Spring 2020

Beatrice Gibson: Two Sisters

2018–19, Beatrice Gibson, France/UK, ca. 50 min.

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  • Thu, Mar 12th 6:00pm
Plays In: Conversations at the Edge - Spring 2020

Incorporating experimental music, poetry, and improvisation, the award-winning films of London-based artist Beatrice Gibson are shape-shifting explorations of social and political turmoil. In two powerful, deeply connected works—I HOPE I’M LOUD WHEN I’M DEAD (2018), which takes its title from a poem by CAConrad, and DEUX SOEURS QUI NE SONT PAS SOEURS (TWO SISTERS WHO ARE NOT SISTERS) (2019), based on a screenplay by Gertrude Stein—Gibson defines the nature of motherhood and community in an age of contemporary anxiety. Weaving together images of joy and horror with readings by Conrad, Eileen Myles, Alice Notley, filmmakers Ana Vaz and Basma Alsharif, as well as friends and family, Gibson builds an archive of stories, at once triumphant and traumatic, cynical and optimistic, toward a collective future. DCP. Presented in partnership with the Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival, a project of Chicago Filmmakers. (Emily Eddy and Amy Beste)

In response to the ongoing concerns regarding COVID-19, the 30th annual Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival, has been postponed. Tonight's Beatrice Gibson screening has been cancelled and will be rescheduled at a later date.

Note: This screening will take place at Chicago Filmmakers, 5720 N. Ridge Ave., Chicago. For tickets, visit www.saic.edu/cate