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Beauty #2

1965, Andy Warhol, USA, 66 min.
With Edie Sedgwick, Gino Piserchio

Show Times

  • Tue, Nov 5th 6:00pm

Billed as "an untraditional triangle (without love)," BEAUTY #2 is considered the zenith of Warhol's work with his early, doomed superstar, Edie Sedgwick. Filmed from a single, fixed viewpoint, the action is set in and around a rumpled bed in Sedgwick's Upper East Side apartment. Lounging on the bed are Sedgwick and her latest lover, pretty boy Gino Piserchio. Located just offscreen is Sedgwick's former lover, Chuck Wein. As Edie and Gino smoke, drink, pet a dog, and make out, Chuck taunts her with increasing hostility until she flings an ashtray at him. The film can be seen as a commentary on the often sadomasochistic relationship between director and actress, with the viewer caught in the crossfire. 16mm.

Also on the program: THE RIDDLE OF LUMEN (1972, Stan Brakhage, USA, 14 min.), a series of nonverbal associations between images whose "hero," according to Brakhage, is light itself. 16mm. (MR)