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A tale you’ll know well—innocent girl presents herself as sacrifice to a cursed, freakish beast living in isolation, and learns to live with and love her captor—but turned into something very different in Herz’s morbid imagining. Reworking well-known source...


Alex Gibney, the prolific auteur of such award-winning investigative documentaries as TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE and GOING CLEAR, sets his sights on recent Russian history in this portrait of former oil billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky. The title's nod to CITIZEN KANE...


Born to Jewish parents in Kežmarok in modern-day Slovakia, Herz spent part of his youth in Ravensbrück labor camp, an experience of horror which may have obliquely informed much of his work, and which is directly reflected in CAUGHT BY NIGHT. Coming to what was...


The independent neighborhood video store is both celebrated and eulogized in this lively documentary recalling the heyday of what was once a democratic temple of high art and movie madness like no other. Director Westby (FILM GEEK, THE AUTEUR) conjures up an age...


The mysterious documented history of Haitian Clairvius Narcisse, who returned to life in 1962 after enduring eighteen years drugged into a zombie state, is overlaid with a shivery tale rife with the secrets and rituals of the supernatural. Under a plot built on...


Was Marcel Duchamp the most important artist of the twentieth century? This substantial yet accessible overview makes a compelling case for the man who painted a mustache on the Mona Lisa and turned a urinal into an art exhibit. After causing an uproar with his...