Event Description

Sunday, November 14 1:00PM

CBIM: Pushing for Movement in Black Independent Cinema is a conversation between L’Soft, Concerned Black Image Makers (CBIM) co-founder and Associate Programmer for Black Harvest Film Festival, Derrick Woods Morrow, independent multidisciplinary artist and Assistant Professor at the Rhode Island School of Design, and Michelle Kennedy, founder of the Chicago South Side Film Festival. Historically, Chicago’s Black independent landscape has hemorrhaged talent, due to the lack of monies and opportunities devoted to filmmakers looking to create high-quality cinema highlighting more marginalized and under-appreciated narratives of the Black diaspora. Filmmakers are exhausted from garnering support for projects large and small, and typically find more freedom and funding elsewhere. How can Chicago provide a better infrastructure to support these artists? “Movement” suggests an honest and tenacious push towards more collective action within the Black filmmaker community and its supporters, including established institutions, funders, curators, facilitators, audiences and artist collectives. In addition, how can larger, more established institutions provide more ethical and meaningful platforms for filmmakers’ work to be seen? In what ways can they amend policies and practices that better serve Black filmmakers of Chicago and beyond?