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Czech That Film

June 7 - July 2

From June 7 through July 2, the Gene Siskel Film Center presents Czech That Film in cooperation with the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Chicago. This wide-ranging sampler of the Czech popular cinema includes the picaresque road movie WINTER FLIES, this year’s Czech submission for Oscar consideration; the poignant mother-daughter road movie PATRIMONY; and HASTRMAN, a dark thriller based on contemporary Gothic fiction.

Prolific award-winning director Jan Hřebejk completes his GARDEN STORE family saga with two new self-contained comedy-dramas, DESERTER and SUITOR, following the changing fortunes of a well-to-do clan over more than two decades. A historic Czech basketball triumph and its fraught aftermath in the communist era is dramatized in GOLDEN STING. The final months of a self-sacrificing activist are portrayed sensitively in JAN PALACH. Actress Antonie Formanová appears on July 2 with DUKLA 61, the immersive tale of a mining disaster’s impact on one family

—Barbara Scharres



2018, Ondřej Havelka, Czech Republic, 100 min.
With Karel Dobrý, Simona Zmrzlá


  • Fri, Jun 7th 7:45pm
  • Thu, Jun 13th 6:00pm

Winter Flies

Všechno bude

2018, Olmo Omerzu, Czech Republic/Slovenia, 85 min.
With Tomáš Mrvik, Jan František Uher, Eliška Křenková


  • Sun, Jun 9th 5:00pm
  • Wed, Jun 12th 8:00pm

Jan Palach

2018, Robert Sedláček, Czech Republic, 124 min.
With Victor Zavadil, Denisa Barešová


  • Fri, Jun 14th 8:00pm
  • Thu, Jun 20th 7:45pm

Golden Sting

The Golden Betrayal / Zlatý podraz

2018, Radim Špaček, Czech Republic/Slovakia, 106 min.
With Filip Březina, Patricia Volny


  • Sun, Jun 16th 5:15pm
  • Mon, Jun 17th 7:45pm


Zahradnictví: Dezertér

2017, Jan Hřebejk, Czech Republic, 115 min.
With Jiří Macháček, Karel Dobrý


  • Fri, Jun 21st 7:45pm
  • Mon, Jun 24th 6:00pm


Zahradnictví: Nápadník

2017, Jan Hřebejk, Czech Republic, 113 min.
With Anna Fialová, Martin Finger


  • Sun, Jun 23rd 5:15pm
  • Thu, Jun 27th 6:00pm


Tátova volha

2018, Jiři Vejdělek, Czech Republic, 90 min.
With Eliška Balzerová, Tatiana Vilhelmová


  • Fri, Jun 28th 6:00pm
  • Mon, Jul 1st 8:00pm

Antonie Formanová in person!

Dukla 61

2018, David Ondříček, Czech Republic, 150 min.
With Marek Taclík, Martha Issová, Antonie Formanová


  • Sat, Jun 29th 5:00pm
  • Tue, Jul 2nd 6:00pm