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Film About a Woman Who...

1974, Yvonne Rainer, USA, 90 min.
With Dempster Leech, Shirley Soffer

Show Times

  • Tue, Oct 29th 6:00pm

"A remarkable juxtaposition of visual and verbal descriptive methods...Insight, irony, and wit are marvelously combined."—Simon Field, Time Out London

Yvonne Rainer transitioned from dance to cinema to become one of the most important avant-garde filmmakers of the 1970s. Along with such contemporaries as Chantal Akerman and Laura Mulvey, she was a key figure in an emerging radical feminist cinema that interrogated structures of representation centered on the male gaze. Deconstructing the codes of melodrama and soap opera, FILM ABOUT A WOMAN WHO… examines the relationships among two unnamed couples, one of whom have a young daughter. The film posits a hyper-alert and destabilized viewer as it constantly shifts among different registers of delivering information through sound and image—among them, voiceover narration (with both a male and female narrator), superimposed text, intertitles, text pasted on a woman's face, black screen, and, very occasionally, direct speech. As Rainer said, "I’m talking about films where in every scene you have to decide anew the priorities of looking and listening.” Digital video. (MR)