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Chicago premiere! Film Series : 30th Annual Festival of Films from Iran


2019, Ehsan Khoshbakht, Iran/UK, 83 min.

Show Times

  • Sat, Feb 22nd 6:15pm
  • Sun, Feb 23rd 5:00pm

“Uncovers the cinematic and social history of Iran under the Shah…brings back a cinema of passion, horror and melodrama.”—Georgia Korossi, British Film Institute

“Locates this crazy cinema within the Iranian popular and political culture of its time…allows it to find a place in the wider context of world cinema.”—Laura Mulvey

Action and melodrama, car chases, lurid affairs, and flashy musical numbers all figured into the Iranian cinema’s pre-1979 signature, as the nation’s filmmakers made a bold bid for the attention of the savvy entertainment-hungry audiences in the urban centers. Compiled from clips from more than 100 films painstakingly sourced from surviving VHS tapes and accompanied by insightful interpretive commentary by director Khoshbakht, FILMFARSI bursts with spirited revelations of the heyday of a popular cinema willfully destroyed and largely lost in the wake of the Islamic revolution. Repurposed Western genres and copycat films abound, from The Three Stooges to James Bond, but all with a uniquely Persian twist and unmistakable cultural coding. In Persian with English subtitles. DCP digital. (BS)

Following the Sunday screening, the audience is invited to a reception celebrating the 30th anniversary of the festival, sponsored by Pasfarda Arts & Cultural Exchange.

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