fbpx GAZA FIGHTS FOR FREEDOM | Gene Siskel Film Center


2019, Abby Martin, USA, 74 min.
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Journalist/filmmaker Martin (THE EMPIRE FILES) begins this searing documentary with a recap of the historical and political factors that have brought the Gaza Strip to utter devastation in its present state of siege, with a trapped population plagued by poverty, food shortages, and ongoing rocket bombardment. “It looks like we are alive, but we are not,” states an unemployed man who lives with his wife and sixteen children in two rooms with access to electricity only four hours a day. The centerpiece of this film is you-are-there coverage of the Great March of Return in May, 2018, when thousands of frustrated Gaza citizens march peacefully to the razor-wire barricades, only to be randomly picked off by Israeli snipers. Among the hundreds wounded and the 59 dead is paramedic Razan al-Najjar, shot while trying to aid a casualty.

Preceded by AMBIENCE (2019, Wisam Al Jafari, Palestine, 15 min. In English, Arabic, and Hebrew with English subtitles. (BS)

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