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New restoration! Film Series : A Fine Romance

Gregory's Girl

1980, Bill Forsyth, UK, 91 min.
With John Gordon Sinclair, Dee Hepburn

Show Times

  • Sat, Feb 29th 2:30pm
  • Mon, Mar 2nd 6:00pm

"A charming, innocent, very funny little movie…contains so much wisdom about being alive and teenaged and vulnerable."—Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"Irresistible…One of the cheeriest unsentimental reports on the human condition since Francois Truffaut's SMALL CHANGE."—Vincent Canby, The New York Times

Looking fresher than ever in a new digital restoration, GREGORY'S GIRL was the breakout film for Bill Forsyth (LOCAL HERO, COMFORT AND JOY), who spearheaded the emergence of an indigenous Scottish cinema before his career foundered on the shoals of Hollywood. Gawky, gangly 16-year-old Gregory (Sinclair) loses his position on the school soccer team—and his heart—to new arrival Dorothy (Hepburn). Striving to impress the goal-scoring goddess, he finally wins a date, but his longed-for rendezvous takes some unexpected detours in the course of an extended summer's-eve odyssey. With off-kilter humor, a rich array of supporting characters, and a prescient sense of gender-role subversion, GREGORY'S GIRL captured the splendors and miseries of adolescent love with a breezy charm that put more heavy-breathing American puberty comedies of the era to shame. New 2K DCP digital restoration. This version retains the Scottish accents that were de-burred for the film's American release. (MR)

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