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2019, Zelda Edmunds, USA, 50 min.
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  • Wed, Oct 14th 8:00pm

The plight of four Palestinian children charged with crimes and imprisoned by the Israeli military illustrates a series of injustices and inequities, including displacement, the deliberate targeting of children, and routine violence perpetrated against Palestinian youth by both settlers and soldiers. Director Edmunds focuses on the stories of four young teens whose “crimes” ranged from playing in a forbidden area to allegedly throwing stones. Thirteen-year-old Motaz was arrested in the middle of the night, when more than 50 armed and masked soldiers invaded his family’s home to lead him away handcuffed and blindfolded. Fifteen-year-old Nooran went to jail for punching the checkpoint guard who attempted to tear off her top after demanding a strip-search. Twelve-year-old Shadi was imprisoned, tortured, and charged with attempted murder despite a security camera revealing neither a weapon nor a victim.

Preceded by JALAS (2019, Olga Arias, Spain, 30 min.) In English and Arabic with English subtitles. (BS)

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