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Film Series : 30th Annual Festival of Films from Iran

Seven and a Half

Haft va nim

2019, Navid Mahmoudi, Iran/Afghanistan, 75 min.
With Neda Jebrelli, Hasti Mahdavi

Show Times

  • Sat, Feb 29th 8:00pm
  • Sun, Mar 1st 3:30pm

Cultural traditions die hard, and the patriarchy still sets the rules in these mini-dramas revolving around an age-old fetishized ideal of female purity. Seven young women bravely face the question of virginity as the condition that may decide their fates for better or for worse. Despite her best friend’s advice, Shabaneh, a seamstress in a couture dress shop, longs to confide her closely guarded shameful secret to her fiancé. Negar is troubled by her fiancé’s prying and her prospective mother-in-law’s intimate request, while Fereshteh’s husband-to-be makes a non-negotiable demand. A paper marriage is a trap for Afghan immigrant Nahid, and marriage is a less than willing choice for Niloofar and Sugar, while Rahil seeks a dire antidote to betrayal. In Persian with English subtitles. DCP digital. (BS)

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