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2020, Josephine Decker, USA, 107 min.
Elisabeth Moss, Odessa Young


Plays In: Screen to Screen

"Moss takes off and runs with her wonderfully multifaceted and sometimes very funny portrait...perhaps the greatest pleasure the film imparts is watching this ever-adventurous actress toy with other characters as well as the viewer."--Todd McCarthy,

Hollywood Reporter"I'm not quite sure how Moss continues to find variations and nuances...it's undoubtedly the showcase, show-off role."--Jason Bailey, The Playlist

Renowned horror writer Shirley Jackson (Moss of THE HANDMAID'S TALE) is on the precipice of writing her masterpiece when the arrival of newlyweds Rose (Young) and Fred (Logan Lerman) upends her meticulous routine and heightens tensions in her already tempestuous relationship with her philandering husband Stanley (Michael Stuhlbarg), a Bennington College professor. The middle-aged couple, prone to ruthless barbs and copious afternoon cocktails, begins to toy mercilessly with the naïve young couple at their door. -- (Description courtesy of Neon)

Watch the film with a special introduction by director Josephine Decker. You can also tune in for one of our live Q&As with Josephine Decker, Elisabeth Moss, and other special guests. See the full list here:

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