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Melody Gilbert in person! Film Series : Stranger Than Fiction 2019

Silicone Soul

2018, Melody Gilbert, USA, 71 min.

Show Times

  • Sun, Jan 27th 5:00pm
  • Mon, Jan 28th 8:00pm

“Casts a non-judgmental eye…a glimpse into a hidden world.”--Bianca-Olivia Nita, Modern

SILICONE SOUL compassionately explores the connection between lonely humans and the non-human silicone companions that serve to fill a range of their emotional needs. John, a retiree, readily introduces his “wife” Jackie to family, neighbors, and curious strangers, and is hurt if some aren’t kind to this beautiful young woman in a wheelchair. Jackie is a life-size silicone doll that he lovingly dresses, grooms, and cuddles daily. The face of an aged woman with Alzheimer’s lights up as she tenderly rocks and caresses the adorably lifelike silicone infant that a visitor places in her eager arms. Director Gilbert (THE SUMMER HELP, A LIFE WITHOUT PAIN) records scenarios like these and more, as she moves though the intricate and little-known world of silicone surrogates, more commonly regarded as mere sex toys, and discovers the ways in which they become for their owners, wives, mistresses, friends, or children. DCP digital. (BS)

Director Melody Gilbert and several people who appear in the film will appear for audience discussion following both screenings.

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