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Filmmakers in person! Film Series : 25th Anniversary Black Harvest Film Festival


2019, Robert Rippberger, USA, 82 min.
With Joi Campbell, Danny Glover

Show Times

  • Wed, Aug 21st 8:30pm
  • Thu, Aug 22nd 6:00pm

“Provides an insider’s perspective that tells it like it is without sensationalism.”—Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film

In a story based on the experiences of co-screenwriter Sha-Risse Smith, a Harlem girl’s dream to get into Yale meets with obstacles when her family begins to disintegrate. Living in the projects, with no dad in the picture and a harried overworked single mom, Kalani (Campbell) is most often the shoulder to lean on for her older brother Jacob and her little sister Bebe. Attending an elite college prep on scholarship as the school’s only Black student, Kalani juggles pressure and prejudice, alleviated only by the staunch support of her guidance counselor Mr. Rose (Glover). When Jacob begins dealing drugs, and 13-year-old Bebe loses her virginity to a local thug, Kalani discovers that loyalty to her family and her own carefully nurtured plans for the future are on a collision course. DCP digital. (BS)

Director/producer Robert Rippberger is scheduled to appear via Skype for a Q&A following both screenings.

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