fbpx The Grand Bizarre | Gene Siskel Film Center
Jodie Mack in person! Film Series : Conversations at the Edge Spring 2019

The Grand Bizarre

2018, Jodie Mack, USA, ca. 66 min.

Show Times

  • Thu, Feb 7th 6:00pm

Artist and animator Jodie Mack (MFA 2007) is celebrated for transforming the patterns of everyday life into dazzling short films. Her debut feature is an exhilarating examination of the global circulation of textiles. Shot on location in nearly 20 countries around the globe, THE GRAND BIZARRE weaves together footage of industrial mills, artisan looms, airports, shipping crates, shops, and street vendors--all connected through thousands of yards of fabric. Mack illuminates formal commonalities across cultures while reflecting on overlapping systems of knowledge and the price of appropriation in a globalist economy. Screened with HOARDERS WITHOUT BORDERS 1.0 (2018). Multiple formats. (Amy Beste)

Filmmaker Jodie Mack is scheduled to appear for audience discussion.