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Film Series : The Owl's Legacy

The Owl's Legacy: Program One

L'heritage de la chouette

1989, Chris Marker, France/Greece, ca. 78 min.

Show Times

  • Sun, Jan 6th 5:00pm
  • Mon, Jan 7th 6:00pm

"Something for the ages...at once illuminating and confounding, heady but playful. It is also seldom less than entertaining."--J. Hoberman, The New York Times

"For fans of Marker's thoughtful, introspective film-essays, it's largesse--THE OWL'S LEGACY is his purest self."--Danielle Burgos, Screen Slate

PROGRAM ONE. 78 min.

Sunday, January 6, 5:00 pm Monday, January 7, 6:00 pm

Part 1: Symposium—or Accepted Ideas.

Part 2: Olympics—or Imaginary Greece.

Part 3: Democracy—or the City of Dreams.

The first of four programs presenting Chris Marker's thirteen-part series that explores the legacy of Greek thought in the modern world. For a general description, see here

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