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2019, Alia Yunis, Jordan/UAE, min.
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  • Sun, Oct 11th 8:00pm

“Explores the condiments as a symbol of identity…olive oil is steeped in emotion.”--Anne Marie McQueen, The National

Chicago-born filmmaker Yunis says, “My dad was born in Palestine, and so was olive oil.” Her film journey through the nationally and ethnically diverse olive oil-making world has its heart in Palestine. On the way, Yunis makes an engaging circuit of the Mediterranean, through Italy, Greece, and Spain, exploring the relationship that humankind has cultivated over more than 6,000 years, with the tree that produces the prized golden elixir. Cultural and culinary lore give way to new stories and different meanings in Israel and Palestine, as the filmmaker visits her deceased father’s family for the first time, and experiences the olive tree at the center of a passionate political struggle, the material symbol of an ages-old source of power and a ravaged treasure.

Preceded by MADE IN PALESTINE (2019, Mariam Dwedar, USA, 8 min.) In English, Spanish, Greek, Italian, and Arabic with English subtitles. (BS)

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