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The Invisible Witness

Il testimone invisibile

2018, Stefano Mordini, Italy, 102 min.
With Riccardo Scamarcio, Miriam Leone, Maria Paiato


A film-noir plot full of double-crosses and deceptive alibis is spiced up with giallo flash and a good old-fashioned locked-room mystery in this nifty, twisty Italian thriller. Hotshot entrepreneur Adriano (Scamarcio of PASOLINI and JOHN WICK, CHAPTER 2) wakes up in a hotel room with the bloody corpse of his mistress (Leone) beside him. He insists that another person in the room was the real killer, even though there was no apparent possibility of anyone else entering or exiting. Adriano's fate rests in the hands of an invincible super-lawyer (Paiato) who insists on knowing the whole truth. Her relentless questioning uncovers layers of deceit in a world seemingly devoid of moral reckoning, but justice might be arriving from an unexpected source. In Italian with English subtitles. (MR)

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