fbpx The Western: How It Was Never One | Gene Siskel Film Center

The Western: How It Was Never One

August 31 - December 11

Lecturer: Jon Cates

Jon Cates is an Associate Professor of Film, Video, New Media and Animation at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

While the Western genre is quintessentially American, filmmakers across the world inspire, interpret and respond to this form of storytelling. Set in symbolic landscapes with iconic characters drawn from both imagined pasts and lived histories, this series focuses on how the Western cinematic genre explicitly expresses politics and ideologies. From First Nations perspectives to African diasporic feminist narrative, these films present critical readings of an ever-elusive frontier which has and continues to define national identities. Many different Westerns co-exist, and, taken together, these films question the borders and boundaries of mythic American experiences.

— Jon Cates

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