fbpx This Set of Actions is a Mirror | Gene Siskel Film Center
Film Series : Conversations at the Edge - Spring 2020

This Set of Actions is a Mirror

2016-19, Multiple directors, USA, ca. 75 min.

Show Times

  • Thu, Apr 2nd 6:00pm
Plays In: Conversations at the Edge - Spring 2020

Referencing a phrase from Carolyn Lazard’s A RECIPE FOR DISASTER (2018), This Set of Actions Is a Mirror gathers together works by Christine Sun Kim, Thomas Mader, Alison O’Daniel, and Carolyn Lazard that challenge the sensory hierarchies implicit in media and by extension, society at large. In A RECIPE FOR DISASTER (2018), Julia Child’s The French Chef—the first captioned television show in the United States—serves as the starting point for a rich study of the conditions of access. In O’Daniel’s THE TUBA THIEVES: THE SEA, THE STARS, A LANDSCAPE (2017–19), a quest for lost instruments and discovery of new sounds reflects the artist’s own navigations with binaural hearing loss. In CLASSIFIED DIGITS (2016), Kim and Mader playfully use sign language to express awkward scenarios. Together, these works expand and complicate systems of communication while examining the practices (and systemic failings) of accessibility. Organized by Minh Nguyen (MAAH 2020). Multiple formats. (Minh Nguyen)

Films in this event are captioned. CART services will be provided for the post-screening discussion.