In these poignant and intimate works, themes of loss, transition, transformation, and care are explored through family photo books, deteriorating VHS tapes, and delicately rendered animations.


Lazos de Familia (Family Ties)

Adrian Velazquez, USA, 2021, 21 min



orr, USA, 2021, 4 min



orr, USA, 2019, 1 min



orr, USA, 2019, 1 min



Cosmo Coffey, USA, 2021, 10 min


Last One

Siyi Zhang, USA, 2021, 9 min


Goodnight/Good Morning

Calla Flanagan, USA, 2021, 5 min


Once More (한마디)

Jay Jung, USA, 2021, 5 min


The Genealogy of Light

Zoe Butler, USA, 2021, 8 min


The Knight in Air

Yuanqing Ye, CHN, 2020, 3 min