fbpx Voice in the Wind | Gene Siskel Film Center
Film Series : 2019 UCLA Festival of Preservation

Voice in the Wind

1944, Arthur Ripley, USA, 85 min.
With Francis Lederer, Sigrid Gurie

Show Times

  • Fri, Nov 1st 4:00pm
  • Sat, Nov 2nd 5:00pm

"A film of deranged genius, as freaked-out as anything by Ulmer, Fuller, or Joseph H. Lewis."—Dan Stumpf, Mystery *File

One-time Mack Sennett gag man Ripley spent the first part of his career directing comedy shorts and the last part directing offbeat noirs (including the cult moonshiner saga THUNDER ROAD). An independent film produced by a Jewish refugee from Prague and scripted by noted Jewish-Austrian author Friedrich Torberg, this heartfelt, atmospheric drama deals with the plight of European refugees stranded on the Mexican island of Guadalupe. One of these lost souls, an amnesiac whom the locals call El Hombre, is revealed in flashbacks to be a celebrated Czech pianist who ran afoul of the Nazis. Inventively using offscreen sound and foggy expressionist sets to mask its low budget, VOICE IN THE WIND received Oscar nominations for Best Music and Best Sound Recording. DCP digital. Preservation funding provided by The Film Foundation and The George Lucas Family Foundation. (MR)