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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?


2013, Arwin Chen, Taiwan, 107 min.
With Richie Jen, Mavis Fan

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  • Tue, Mar 17th 6:00pm

"A charming, hilarious, and unashamedly frank film."—James Marsh, Screen Anarchy

Starting off as a smoothly contrived rom-com with a gay twist, writer-director Chen's second film (after AU REVOIR TAIPEI) develops into a character-driven dramedy of unexpected depth. Taipei optician Weichung (Jen) is contentedly married with a six-year-old son, although the faraway look in his eyes suggests a hidden longing. Then an encounter (not as accidental as it first seems) with a handsome flight attendant from Hong Kong stirs up the gay identity that Weichung has stifled since his marriage. Meanwhile, Weichung's pouty younger sister Mandy has second thoughts almost immediately after getting engaged to nice-but-dull San-San. As the film stealthily evolves into something deeper and more complex, its emotional center shifts from Weichung to his wife Feng (Fan), whose mingled feelings of bitterness and compassion come to a head in a bravura karaoke performance of the title song. In Mandarin, Min Nan, and Korean with English subtitles. 35mm widescreen. (MR)

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