Lois Weber: Pioneer Progressive Filmmaker

April 1 - 29

A series of five features and three shorts by Lois Weber, the preeminent female filmmaker of the first half-century or so of film history.

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Chicago Palestine Film Festival

April 15 - May 4

This festival is dedicated to exhibiting film and video work that is open, critical, and reflective of the culture, experience, and vision of the artists and to representing the spirit and mood of contemporary Palestinian life.

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New Sensory Cinema

January 27 - May 9

A series of films offering a provocation of the senses — devotion, entrapment, obliteration, ecstasy, possession — in which the filmmaker pushes against the boundaries of genre to propose new cinematic forms. With Tuesday lectures by Melika Bass

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The Essential Lina Wertmüller

May 5 - June 1

This retrospective celebrates a director whose controversial vision of the social order and gender relations has most often been expressed through comedies as nose-thumbingly individual as they are daring, cheeky, rude, and politically uncompromising.

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Young French Cinema 2017

May 13 - 31

A series of six films that showcases emerging French filmmakers.

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Making 'Em Move: A History of Animation

Coming September 1

Watch for our next lecture and screening series with weekly Tuesday lectures by renowned film historian Donald Crafton, Professor Emeritus at the University of Notre Dame, and author of "Before Mickey" and "Shadow of a Mouse."

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National Theatre Live

The groundbreaking best of British theater, straight from the London stage.

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