17th Annual Chicago Palestine Film Festival

April 21 - May 3

The Gene Siskel Film Center collaborates with the Chicago Palestine Film Festival to present the seventeenth annual festival representing the spirit and mood of contemporary Palestinian life. This festival is dedicated to exhibiting film and video work that is open, critical, and reflective of the culture, experience, and vision of the artists.

This year's festival is made possible in part through the support of the Crossroads Fund and the hard work of many volunteers. For their invaluable cooperation the Gene Siskel Film Center thanks the members of the Chicago Palestine Film Festival Committee.

- Barbara Scharres


Opening Night film!


2017, Annemarie Jacir, Palestine/France/Germany, 96 min. With Mohammad Bakri, Saleh Bakri.


  • Sat, Apr 21st 8:00pm

Stitching Palestine

2017, Carol Mansour, Lebanon/Jordan/Palestine, 78 min.


  • Sun, Apr 22nd 5:15pm

Disturbing the Peace

2016, Stephen Apkon and Andrew Young, Israel/Palestine/USA, 87 min.


  • Wed, Apr 25th 8:15pm

Writing On Snow

2017, Rashid Masharawi, Palestine/Tunisia, 72 min. With Ghassan Massoud, Ramzi Maqdisi


  • Thu, Apr 26th 8:15pm

Gaza Surf Club

2016, Philip Gnadt and Mickey Yamine, Germany, 87 min.


  • Fri, Apr 27th 8:00pm

Ghost Hunting

2017, Raed Andoni, Palestine/France/Switzerland, 94 min. With Ramzi Maqdisi, Mohammmed Khattab


  • Sat, Apr 28th 8:15pm

Off Frame: Revolution Until Victory

Kharej al-itar aw thawra hata el nasser

2015, Mohanad Yaqubi, Palestine/France/Jordan, 80 min.


  • Sun, Apr 29th 5:30pm

1948: Creation and Catastrophe

2017, Andy Trimlett and Ahlam Muhtaseb, USA, 85 min.


  • Wed, May 2nd 8:00pm

Closing Night film!

The Judge

2017, Erika Cohn, Palestine/USA, 76 min.


  • Thu, May 3rd 7:45pm