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2018, Antoine Raimbault, France/Belgium, 110 min.
With Marina Foïs, Olivier Gourmet


"A nail-biter of a courtroom thriller...by the time the trial begins, we've been sucked so far into the facts of the case that we're left hanging onto the edge of our seats."--Jordan Mintzer, Hollywood Reporter

Based on the true story of a notorious French murder case, this thrilling courtroom drama draws an amateur researcher, a short-order cook by trade, and a famous defense attorney into a battle to prove the innocence of an accused wife murderer in the face of the prejudicial court of public opinion. That quest comes at a price that the pair may not be ready to pay. As the attorney, award-winning Belgian actor Olivier Gourmet, acclaimed for his work in films by the Dardenne brothers (THE KID WITH A BIKE, THE SON) delivers a stunning tour de force performance. In French with English subtitles. (BS)

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