Chicago premiere! Desmond Faison in person! Film Series : Black Harvest Film Festival 2017

Killing Lazarus

2015, Desmond Faison, USA, 117 min. With Deji LaRay, Tracey Dukes.

Show Times

  • Tue, Aug 8th 8:00pm
  • Wed, Aug 9th 8:30pm

Superb performances all around are a standout feature of this thriller, honing in on the precarious balance of power in a volatile friendship that was forged on the dangerous streets of childhood. Drug dealers Thurgood “T” Jacobs (LaRay), the soft-spoken brains of the operation, and Lazarus (Dukes), his dangerously unpredictable sidekick, feel the heat of lethal business competition, even as their partnership begins to fray through jealousy and the ever-present memory that T owes Lazarus his life. Set in the days leading up to T’s thirtieth birthday, the story evolves as a psychological thriller when attraction to a woman springs a mental trap for both men, with fateful consequences. DCP digital. (BS)

Tuesday, August 8 & Wednesday, August 9: Director Desmond Faison is scheduled to appear for audience discussion at both screenings.

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