Film Series : Recently Restored 2017

Heaven Can Wait

1943, Ernst Lubitsch, USA, 112 min. With Don Ameche, Gene Tierney.

Show Times

  • Fri, Sep 29th 2:00pm
  • Sun, Oct 1st 3:00pm

“Lubitsch's testament, full of grace, wisdom, and romance.” — Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader

This bittersweet late masterpiece gave German-born Lubitsch his most purely American subject. Working in color for the first time, he paints a richly detailed, satiric, and nostalgic portrait of his adopted country, from the gracious mansions of turn-of-the century New York to the garish ranch of a Kansas meat-packing magnate. The underrated, low-key Ameche gives a career performance as a silver-spooned skirt-chaser who aspires to be a great sinner but whose life ends up being touchingly ordinary. 4K DCP digital restoration from 20th Century Fox. (MR)

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