"Such wild emotional extremes can only be properly expressed in song, an article of faith that ANNETTE embraces with fervid imagination and playful, unshakable conviction." - Justin Chang, LA Times

"Nearly impossible to witness it all and not walk away feeling altered in some way." - Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly"

"The musical format proves a natural fit for Leos Carax's love of the visual fantasies created by the cinema's most basic means of illusion." - Pat Brown, Slant 

A rock opera from the mind of auteur Leos Carax (HOLY MOTORS, THE LOVERS ON THE BRIDGE, BAD BLOOD), and soundtracked by the pop duo Sparks, ANNETTE is a hallucinatory, fantastical feast of sight and sound, one that brought the 74th Cannes Film Festival crowd to their feet for a five minute standing ovation. Henry McHenry (Adam Driver) is a provocative stand up comedian known by the stage moniker of "Ape of God", who has recently fallen in love with the beguiling soprano Ann (Marion Cotillard). The unlikely lovers - he berates his audiences while she woos hers - are linked by passion and talent, ambition and insecurity, singing their way through a steamy affair that leads to the birth of their child Annette, whose arrival changes their lives forever. ANNETTE is a fairytale about love, a cautionary tale about fame, and a daring and playful addition to Leos Carax's body of work that is dazzling on the big screen. (Rebecca Fons)

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