Monday, December 11, 6:00 p.m. | Nightingale Projects and Live to Tape Artist Television Present: As, Is, a program of short film and video artworks organized by Jesse Malmed. Doppled and forged, a reproducible medium with a crystal ball faceted like a mirror (very, disco). How is pop music legal? The song is a public sculpture, a weeping wall. In search of an authentic moment, you gotta, you know, act natural. When Steven Wright played my father on non-TV, he said “the other day I ... no wait, that wasn’t me” in a chain email whose attributions were sometimes speculative. The my here is mine but it could easily be yours. Artists, audience in attendance. (Jesse Malmed)

The Film Center is ADA accessible. This presentation will be projected without open captions. The theater is hearing-loop equipped. For accessibility requests, please email