Tuesday, August 1 & Monday, August 7 | Considered a revisionist masterpiece of “wuxia pian” (“films of chivalrous combat”), THE BLADE is an astonishing ride of clashing blades, furious vengeance, and a lot of tattoos. For his reimagining of Chang Cheh’s 1987 landmark THE ONE-ARMED SWORDSMEN, Tsui Hark both embraces and rejects conventions of the martial arts genre, using frenetic editing and brutally choreographed fight scenes to tell the story of saber factory worker On, who embarks on a quest to kill the deranged kung fu master who murdered his father. Bones break, metal clangs, and the darkness of “wuxia pian” is brutally, gloriously displayed.

Awards & Nominations

Winner - Film of Merit, Hong Kong Film Critics Society
Nominee - Best Costume & Makeup Design, Best Action Choreography, Hong Kong Film Awards

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