"This is a profile of unfathomable courage that deserves to be seen, in part to honor those who supported the film’s supply of footage and cannot be listed in the credits for fear of repercussion" - Nick Allen, Playlist

"A bracing message about the challenges of political idealism and the wide-ranging consequences of democracy in peril." - Dan Fienberg, Hollywood Reporter

Oozing charisma, style, and energy, Bobi Wine, a hero of Kampala’s slums, starts out using his music to protest Uganda’s brutal regime. After winning a seat in parliament, campaigning against corruption, injustice, and poverty, Bobi decides to run for president against the 40+ years incumbent Yoweri Museveni. Filmmakers Christopher Sharp and Moses Bwayo trailed Bobi and his wife Barbie over eight years, from the ghetto to the campaign trail, all against the soundtrack of Bobi’s pumping beats and empowering lyrics. (National Geographic) Film Center exclusive.

Awards & Nominations

Official Selection - One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, DocAviv Festival, True/False Film Festival, IDFA