"An ode to loves taken for granted in life, it makes a case for renewing and reviving our oldest alliances." - Guy Lodge, Variety

"This is the rare movie that understands how tied we are to the physical and psychological spaces of childhood, how our families and the traditions they raised us with can be both nurturing and limiting." - Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times

"Cinematographer Ruben Impens has never done more breathtaking work: he captures the epic vastness of every mountain with dumbfounding clarity." - Ella Kemp, Indiewire

In this lush, emotionally intelligent adaptation of Paolo Cognetti’s prize-winning novel, 11-year-old Pietro spends his summers in the village of Grana, where he becomes fast friends with local boy Bruno. The two reunite each summer, reconnecting again as men when Pietro’s father dies, leaving him a plot of land high on a Grana mountainside. Winner of the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, THE EIGHT MOUNTAINS is a deeply affecting ode to friendship and an epic exploration of masculinity, obligation, and our connection to the natural world. 

Awards & Nominations

Winner - Jury Prize, Cannes Film Festival
Nominee - Palme d'Or, Cannes Film Festival