Monday, August 5, 6:00 p.m. | When pioneering filmmaker Marlon Riggs died at the young age of 37, he left a powerful but short filmography. Perhaps best known for his groundbreaking 1989 film TONGUES UNTIED, his first and last films are as resonant and relevant today as they were decades ago. The only real “sequels” in Entrances and Exits, ETHNIC NOTIONS and COLOR ADJUSTMENT speak directly to one another and make for a potent double feature. In ETHNIC NOTIONS, Riggs explores the deep-rooted stereotypes and caricatures of African Americans in American popular entertainment, which have fueled anti-Black prejudice. From cartoons to feature films, advertisements, and children's rhymes, Riggs takes an unflinching look at the pervasive nature of racial prejudice in American culture. With COLOR ADJUSTMENT, Riggs signals how much work is yet to be done, inviting the audience to look at familiar favorites including Amos and Andy, Good Times, and I Spy with a new lens. The result is a stunning one-two punch that demands further examination of the complex interplay between race and media.

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Entrances and ExitsWith Entrances and Exits, we showcase the first and last films from 10 beloved filmmakers. For this series, we abide by three rules: films included must not be posthumous releases, they must be feature films, and they must be solo directorial efforts. Some of these pairings seem to speak to one another, presenting a cinematic through-line that represents a consistent voice from cinematic cradle to grave. Others represent dramatic departures, reflecting a filmmaker’s leap from emerging artist to heavyweight player. What new elements do we see when we connect these entrances and exits, and how do the bodies of work between them transform when we consider the bookends of a career? Though these filmmakers are no longer with us, they sure did leave an impression. View Entrances and Exits SeriesTickets sold individually for each film.

The Film Center is ADA accessible. This presentation will be projected without open captions. The theater is hearing-loop equipped. For accessibility requests, please email