"Profoundly empathetic, and simmering until it roars...culminates in one of recent cinema’s most explosively grand finales." Ed Frankl, The Film Stage

"A crime story wrapped inside a piece of landscape portraiture."--David Jenkins, Little White Lies

Convicted arsonist Amador Coro has been serving time for having set a devastating forest fire. When he gets out, nobody is waiting for him. He returns to his hometown, a small village hidden in the rural Galician mountains, where neighbors and former friends eye him with suspicion. Living a socially isolated life with his mother Benedicta and their three cows, he settles into the rhythm of the seasons, until one night a horrific, fast-spreading fire rips across the heavily-wooded mountain-sides of the region. In Galician and Spanish with English subtitles. (Description courtesy of KimStim)