“Peter Bogdanovich brings his formidable knowledge of movies to bear in this incisive portrait of Buster Keaton.” - Andrea Gronvall, Chicago Reader

Saturday, August 24, 8:15 p.m. | Seemingly the most disparate pairing of Entrances and Exits, Peter Bogdanovich’s first and last films have a clear connection: the director’s devotion and love affair to cinema. In the unnerving and shockingly timeless TARGETS, deranged insurance agent Bobby Thompson embarks on a killing spree, with his final deadly destination a drive-in movie presentation featuring an appearance by the aging horror movie star Byron Orlok (Boris Karloff). As his image is projected 50 feet tall on the screen behind him, Orlock successfully disarms Thompson, thus saving lives and the day. In the charming documentary THE GREAT BUSTER: A CELEBRATION, Bogdanovich pays tribute to his hero, the iconic silent film star Buster Keaton. Between his debut and his finale, the director often explored and venerated cinema and the art of performance, including with films THE LAST PICTURE SHOW and THE CAT’S MEOW and the book This is Orson Welles (co-written with Welles, who is also featured in this series). For Bogdanovich, the screen was always bigger than life, and the stars were always the heroes.

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Awards & Nominations

Nominee - Gold Hugo, Chicago International Film Festival 
Winner - Best Documentary on Cinema, Venice Film Festival

Entrances and ExitsWith Entrances and Exits, we showcase the first and last films from 10 beloved filmmakers. For this series, we abide by three rules: films included must not be posthumous releases, they must be feature films, and they must be solo directorial efforts. Some of these pairings seem to speak to one another, presenting a cinematic through-line that represents a consistent voice from cinematic cradle to grave. Others represent dramatic departures, reflecting a filmmaker’s leap from emerging artist to heavyweight player. What new elements do we see when we connect these entrances and exits, and how do the bodies of work between them transform when we consider the bookends of a career? Though these filmmakers are no longer with us, they sure did leave an impression. View Entrances and Exits SeriesTickets sold individually for each film.

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