“If Hitchcock and Antonioni ever had an interest in class guilt, you'd have Martel.” - Wesley Morris, Boston Globe

“A work of frenzied genius.” - David Jenkins, Time Out

Monday, September 19 at 6:00pm | Distracted while driving, the affluent and chic Veronica hits something with her car, and becomes convinced she may have killed someone. In Martel’s - a guest of the Film Center in 2018 - enigmatic study of shame, privilege and memory, Veronica soon begins to detach from reality, haunted by the guilt of her possible crime and its consequences.

50/50 Series: The Film Center celebrates our 50th anniversary with 50/50, a year-long series presenting a film from each year we’ve been open, Monday nights at 6:00PM. From films that hold significance to the Film Center’s history, to films that were cultural touch points in a particular year, from art house favorites to locally connected stories, 50/50 invites audiences to steep themselves in a history of cinema. View full series here.

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