"Both a food lover’s dream and an aspiring chef’s guidebook." - Jordan Mintzer, Hollywood Reporter

"Now into his seventh decade of filmmaking, Wiseman’s ability to weave unlikely cinematic magic from the artistry of process remains in as fine a form as ever." - Chloe Walker, Paste Magazine

With the delectable MENUS PLAISIRS - LES TROISGROS, incomparable American documentarian Frederick Wiseman (EX LIBRIS, TITICUT FOLLIES), settles in to the planning and plating processes of the three-star Michelin restaurant La Maison Troisgros in rural France. A master of patience, Wiseman explores every facet of the 50-year-old, family- run establishment, crafting a mouth-watering portrait that will nourish foodies and Wiseman devotees alike. Come hungry! Film Center exclusive.


(Interview from the November/December issue of the Gazette)

In your decades of chronicling American institutions, what have you learned about our country that remains steadfast?
Take nothing for granted and expect to be surprised.

With equal attention and care, you’ve explored politics, art, and education. With MENUS PLAISIRS - LES TROISGROS, you explore food, family and fine dining. What drew you to the restaurant?
Good food and they gave me permission.

Your work is often described as patient and unhurried. The work of preparation and plating at La Maison Troisgros is equally unhurried. How did you find the experience of documenting a process seemingly similar to your own?
Any work of art requires patience and experimentation. The Troisgros are artists and like ballet dancers and actors, their work is ephemeral.

What is a memorable moviegoing experience you’ve had?
Watching Jean Renoir’s GRAND ILLUSION when I was young. I began to understand the fusion of ideas and techniques.

What film do you watch again and again?

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