“As enjoyable as it is good, and absolutely first-rate in both departments.” - Janet Maslin, Boston Phoenix

“I wonder how many moviegoers will be prepared for the astonishing confidence and depth that Tatum brings to what's really the starring role.” - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

Saturday, June 17 & Friday, June 23 | Bogdanovich directed Tatum O’Neal to an Oscar win for Best Supporting Actress at age 10 (to date, the youngest winner) for her fearless portrayal of Addie Loggins, who, after the sudden death of her mother, hitches a ride with the con artist and her maybe-biological father, Moses Prey (O’Neal’s real life dad, Ryan O’Neal). Together, the two become partners in crime, grifting and swindling their way across the Great Depression-busted Midwest. Pitch-perfectly employing the exceptional on-screen chemistry between his father and daughter stars, Bogdanovich crafts an emotionally rich portrait of two broken people who fiercely need each other.

Awards & Nominations

Winner - Best Supporting Actress (Tatum O'Neal), Academy Awards
Nominee - Best Supporting Actress (Madeline Kahn), Best Adapted Screenplay, Academy Awards

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