"As for Lloyd, we always knew he was funny, but we never realized how funny until this one. It isn't only that he does funny stunts; his comedy method Itself is perfect of its own original kind." - Grace Kingsley, Los Angeles Times

"As photocomic entertainment it is in a class by itself. We have rarely heard people laugh and shriek in a theatre as they did yesterday." - P.W. Gallico, New York Daily News (1923)

Friday, September 29, 6:30 p.m. | Celebrate National Silent Film Day and the centennial anniversary of SAFETY LAST!—starring comic genius Harold Lloyd as a bumbling country boy determined to make it in the big city—with piano accompaniment by the Film Center’s favorite pianist, David Drazin.

5 Questions with Silent Pianist David Drazin: 

How did you get your start accompanying silent films on the piano, and what makes your accompaniment different from other musicians?
The first was a Cleveland, Ohio library in 1974 showing The Mark of Zorro - 16mm, no soundtrack.  An upright piano was next to the screen.  Scary, but I was okay for the action scenes because I'd learned the "Spanish tinge" from Jelly Roll Morton records. Most of my life since 1974 until recently, I've played in bands.  Jazz, Jazz-Rock, Funk, Blues, a bit of R&R and Country, solo ballet class accompaniment since 1979.

In addition to your musical accompaniment, you are also a movie and music archivist. Could you tell us a little about your collection?
Played records from age 4, collected records from age 8 (78s, 45s, 33s), cassette tapes, sheet music (as far back as 1860), and film (16mm, 8mm and Super 8),  also newspapers, magazines, books. 

What music genres or individuals inspire your work? 
Pre-1933 jazz, especially James P. Johnson, Fats Waller, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbecke, 1930s - Benny Goodman, Teddy Wilson, Mary Lou Williams, 1940s - Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk, Bird and Dizzy, 1950s - Ruth Brown, Etta James, Dinah Washington, Miles Davis, Art Blakey, R&B, 1960s - The Beatles, Rolling Stones, 1970s - Joe Zawinul, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea.

What is one of your favorite movies to accompany and why?
Buster Keaton is a favorite, One Week, The Boat, Sherlock Jr. is a fantastic movie with it's hidden worlds, and fabulous action speed.  Go West is like that also, Seven Chances,  The General. 

What’s a fun fact or hidden talent you’d like audiences to know about you? 
My wife and I write and occasionally perform radio theater - The Northside Southside Radio Players.  I wrote and performed original songs and sketches for ten years with a comedy group called Famous in the Future, and did stand up comedy in Yippee Fest this year.

The Film Center is ADA accessible. This presentation will be projected without open captions. The theater is hearing-loop equipped. For accessibility requests, please email filmcenter@saic.edu